Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hunt With PRIDE

Courf nak kongsi email invitation yang courf dapat dari SALAM untuk treasure hunt yang di anjurkan oleh PRIDE.  This is for their fund raising.  Sayang nye courf tak dapat join.  Tak ade member nak di ajak.  Harap kowank2 dapat participate or at least menyebarkan event ini.  A big tQ...

Dear Friends of PRIDE,

PRIDE will be organising a treasure hunt on 15 September 2012.  Total cash worth RM4500, 3D2N packages, golf games, food vouchers, hampers and many other interesting prizes to be won.
Come and join us!  ….And please help us to spread the word too.
Hurry up and don’t miss out. Fill up the attach entry form!!!

fB page : PRIDE Foundation

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