Friday, January 13, 2012

~Cheating in Exam~

Have you ever cheated in exam? Yes? No? Me? Yes. But looooong time ago. But after I read this "Keputusan yang kita dapat dari hasil meniru dan di gunakan untuk mencari kerja dan seterusnya mengunakan duit dari gaji kerja itu dan di beri makan kepada keluarga adalah TIDAK BERKAT" Halal but not berkat. I regret that I cheated in my exam.

People cheat because they're not ready to face their failure. They 're are not ready to handle criticism. Sometimes teachers and parents expect to much and failure is not acceptable. But usually they're too lazy to study.

We cheat and we hurt some good student that study hard because sometime people who had cheated get a great score, then proud for what they do although it is unethical. The people who say it is good, sometimes are the ones who know that it is never good. They are just trying to do not to feel guilty.

I'm not cheating. I just using hint that I got from my friends. Why can't you see an exam paper before it start? Why exam paper will place in a safe room a day before exam? So, do you thing hint is not count as cheating? Well, how about if I got the hint from my lecturer? So, there should not call it as exam if you already know the question.

Why cheat when you can't learn nothing? Why cheat when you can hurt someone? Do you proud of yourself getting mark from cheating? If you want to cheat, go ahead. But ask yourself this. Do you will tell your kids that cheating is a good thing? If you say no. Hahaha. What a shame.

Someone who cheat NEVER PROUD with THEMSELF...

*** be continue............